Improve Your Business’s Liquidity Now

Liquidity is an important calculation that businesses need to determine how well they can pay off their short-term debts. The business intelligence tool, IndustriusCFO, offers a Liquidity module to improve your Net Balance Position – your status when you have outstanding debt. 

Watch our video tutorial to learn how you can improve your business’s liquidity using IndustriusCFO’s Liquidity Module:


  • Hypothetically model your business in ‘what-if’ scenarios. For example, you can ask yourself, ‘If I reduce my inventory, how does that impact my Cash Liquidity and other Key Performance Indicators?’ Easily perform this calculation and the results become immediately available to you.
  • Quick industry benchmarking before and after financial modeling.


  • Financial modeling is now simple and streamlined, not complex! We calculate financial impacts on key performance indicators for you.
  • See how your industry competitors compare to your company performance.
  • You see opportunities for improvement in how efficiently you can manage your assets and cash flow to pay debts.
  • Easily observe the financial impacts of various decisions.
  • Understand what good and poor performance looks like.
  • Know instantly what it will take to achieve Median and Top performance.

A 2011 Discover Small Business Watch survey found that 48 percent of small business owners endured temporary cash flow problems. When it comes time for your business to improve performance, projecting the impacts your decisions can have is incredibly complex.

By using the Liquidity Module, you can forget about complexity and focus on remaining or becoming a successful business!