How Profitable is Your Company?

How Profitable is Your Company?

How Profitable is Your Company?

Measuring your company’s profit is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner or business advisor. Most likely, a profitable company is a financially healthy company. Our Business Intelligence tool, IndustriusCFO, analyzes your profit and shows you areas where you need to improve.

Watch our video tutorial to learn how to improve your company’s profit using IndustriusCFO’s Profitability Module:

Key Features 

  • Hypothetically model your business to see how changing important items like your product price could impact your profit.
  • Create ‘what-if’ scenarios to improve your business’s Return on Asset Investment. Return on Assets allow business owners to calculate how efficiently one’s company is using its total asset base (cash, inventory, accounts receivable) to generate sales.
  • See how your industry competitors compare to your company performance.

 The Benefits

  • You can detect opportunities for improvement in profitability ratios or metrics that are used to analyze your company’s ability to produce earnings, as compared to expenses and other relevant costs incurred during a certain time period. This allows you to focus on areas of weakness so you can improve.
  • Complex financial modeling is now efficient and simple. We automatically calculate the figures for you!
  • Easily observe the financial impacts of your decisions.
  • Quickly benchmark company performance to industry peers – before and after modeling your ‘what-if’ scenarios.
  • Understand what good and poor company performance looks like.
  • Know what it will take to achieve top performance on each Key Performance Indicator.

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