Financial Reporting Software Award

The IndustriusCFO team is proud to announce that our financial analytics tool has passed the standards of leading B2B software review platform FinancesOnline. We receive a positive score from their experts and they commended IndustriusCFO for delivering “sound, reliable, and current financial data.” In addition, we received two prestigious awards: Rising Star for 2018 and Great User Experience.

The Rising Star award for best financial reporting software indicates that IndustriusCFO is on track of its vision in helping businesses strategically drive their business’ growth and improvement. This distinction is given to software solutions that have received generally positive traction from clients, thus leading to a significant increase in popularity on the market. The second honor we received, the Great User Experience award, signifies that IndustriusCFO makes it easy for businesses to accomplish their goals. This recognition is given to accounting software solutions that allow for ease of use in facilitating the work process through well-designed functionalities.

In their written review, FinancesOnline highlighted that IndustriusCFO allows users to quickly pinpoint ways to improve financial status of clients, easily identify your company’s ranking among peers, identify loan-servicing issues, and create actionable strategies for business improvement. IndustriusCFO makes this possible through functionalities such “a robust set of next-generation financial intelligence solutions” and high-quality benchmarking data, stated FinancesOnline. To learn more about our sofrware or to schedule a free demo, contact us today.