Easily View Yours & Your Competitor’s Financial Trends

As a business owner, it’s important to know how your finances have changed over the years. Then, you can make better decisions moving forward by analyzing past business moves.

But, viewing years of financial data can often seem overwhelming. We have a solution for that.

Business intelligence tool, IndustriusCFO, offers a Compare and Spread Module designed so you can easily view and gain insight into multiple years of your company’s financial performance. Learn how the Module can help you in our video tutorial here:


  • View up to five years of your company’s finances side-by-side.
  • Financial Ratios are calculated for you. These indicate your company’s performance and financial situation.
  • Cash Flow Analysis looks at the flows of cash into and out of your business over a span of years.
  • View direct comparisons to your industry peer’s financial benchmarking data.
  • Data is easily viewable in %, U.S. Dollars (USD), table and chart views.


  • In one glance, learn about your company’s performance trends and see how it compares to your competitors!
  • Understand where various expense anomalies exist, including allocation of assets and liabilities, and their change over time.
  • Easily understand financial data with the ability to switch between seeing your data in %, USD, table, and chart views.

We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to see how your financials have changed over time. This will allow you to predict trends for the future and help you lead a successful company.