Succeed with Sustainable Business Growth

Most companies fail during their fastest years of growth. Ensuring your company is sustainably growing is the key to succeeding.

If inefficiencies exist and cash flow is poorly managed, your business could quickly begin to experience financial distress, even when it is profitable and growing in revenue!

IndustriusCFO helps you improve your company’s Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) – the attainable growth your company maintains without running into issues.

Learn how we can help you in our video overview of our Growth Potential Module:


  • Hypothetically model your business in ‘what-if’ scenarios to improve your business’s sustainable growth rate. In real time, see how factors like adjusting your company’s prices can impact your SGR.
  • Quick industry benchmarking before and after financial modeling. 


  • Financial modeling is easier than ever and no longer complex! We calculate financial impacts on key performance indicators for you based on your modeling.
  • See real results. See opportunities for improving your profitability – the factor you must know to calculate SGR. This allows you to focus on weaknesses and begin to improve.
  • View how your industry competitors compare to your company performance before and after modeling ‘what-if’ scenarios.
  • Easily understand what good and bad performance looks like.
  • Know instantly what it will take to achieve Median and Top performance.

Whether you own a small business or you are a corporate executive, sustainable growth rate should be a concern to you. While calculating this measure can be complex using other programs, IndustriusCFO simplifies the process so you can focus on your business succeeding.