Set-up Your New Client in Under 10 Minutes

Set-up is a breeze. Invest less than 10 minutes to save dozens of hours you spend calculating this same information in Excel.




Choose Which Report You Want to Run

Choose which report, from our suite of 10 different reports that will help you mold the future of your clients’ business.




Review the Business Scorecard

Identify the high-level blueprint you need to implement with your client to improve their financial positioning and embark on the highway to positive growth.




Check the Probability of Getting a Loan Approval

Can your clients’ business weather market fluctuations? Where are they at risk for not getting that loan they desperately need?




Run a Valuation Report

Everyone wants to know the value of their company. Review the five different methods of valuation that we present to come up with the best valuation you can for your client.




Analyze Liquidity Position

Do you know exactly what is needed to improve your clients’ cash sufficiency? Use our proprietary Net Balance Position to give you insights like never before.




Evaluate Profitability Performance

Everyone is looking to grow profits. What sales targets and expense adjustments need to be made for your client to reach their goals this year?




Improve Growth Potential

How fast can your clients’ business grow, realistically? Look at their Sustainable Growth Rate to determine the best way to improve their growth potential.