Learn How Much a Company is Worth

Are you a business owner or advisor who is curious about how much a company is worth? If the owner is planning on potentially exiting or selling his or her business, learning the company’s worth is critical.

Watch our video overview to learn how you can understand a company’s worth using IndustriusCFO’s Business Valuation module:


  • Analyze existing or past performance to obtaining an estimated company value.
  • Quick benchmarking against industry peers.


  • Quick assessment of a company’s worth based on a variety of effective valuation methodologies.
  • Provides a good initial estimate of a company’s worth.

When combined with IndustriusCFO’s other tools, business advisors (or even owners) can detect opportunities for performance improvement. Using our other tools, you can model ‘what-if’ scenarios, which are designed to improve factors like profitability and growth.

Business advisors will then be better poised to show the impacts of various decisions on a company’s value – ultimately helping the business owner plan more effectively for their planned exit or company sale.