Business Intelligence Tool Analyzes Financial Health

Determining whether to lend your money to a company or not is an important financial decision to make. If you are a business advisor or lender, IndustriusCFO’s Loan Risk Module helps you determine if a company is in good financial health and ideal for lending. Watch our video overview to see how this powerful tool can help you:


  • Quickly analyzes a business’s financial performance and overall health in great detail.
  • Detects if there are any financial issues within company.
  • View summarized performance reviews.
  • Lets you know whether the company passed or failed the analysis.
  • For companies that pass the analysis, we suggest an Interest Rate.


  • Easily ensure a company is well positioned to repay any new financial obligations. We detect liquidity issues. Liquidity is an important calculation businesses need to determine how well they can pay off their debt.
  • Provides you with answers to in-depth questions like, ‘Will this company be able to weather economic or business downturns?’
  • Weakness areas are red-flagged, directly showing you where the company can improve.
  • Our Pass or Fail decision tells you if the company is a good business to lend to.

As you can see, IndustriusCFO’s Loan Risk module does so much more than simply let you know if a company is suitable for a loan. We tell you why they are suitable and suggest ways for the company to improve. We give you the answers you need so you can make the best financial decision possible!