Take control of your business’s finances.


Get started quickly


Getting your data into IndustriusCFO has never been easier. Spend just a few minutes entering your data into our system and you’ll be on your way to improving your business.


View the health of your business in minutes


Financials don’t have to be daunting. Our system makes it easy to enter data and receive accurate, reliable outputs.


Rely on our financial expertise


Our analysis engine does all of the heavy lifting for you. Not only can you see how you stack up across key financial ratios, but the system identifies areas of concern AND tells you what to do to improve your business.

Comprehensive Analytics with Benchmarking


IndustriusCFO offers a wide range of business analytics, key performance indicators, reports & practical recommendations, including industry peer benchmarking.


What’s Included

Business Performance Scorecard

Review a snapshot of your company’s financial state – liquidity, profitability, asset efficiency, and growth – compared to industry peers.

Business Risk

Review your company’s financial health and its ability to weather typical market fluctuations, accurately determining its viability.


Analyze your Liquidity position using an innovative proprietary measure determining working capital needs while modeling ways to improve cash sufficiency with “what-if” scenarios.


Evaluate your Profitability performance and model “what-if” scenarios designed to help improve performance and placement amongst industry peers.

Industry Metrics

View annual financials, median statistics, charts, ratios and more of your industry competitors or peer groups.


Loan Risk

Assess a business’s financial viability and its ability to repay new debt obligations, allowing for quick and effective loan decisions.

Financial Statement Spreading

Compare multiple years of financials side-by-side, with industry peer benchmarking for each itemized Income Statement and Balance Sheet account, with Financial Ratios.


Business Valuation

Evaluate your company’s market value using commonly used valuation techniques aided by insightful comparison to industry peers.