Quickly Analyze a Company’s Financial Performance

In order for a company to receive loans or prepare for growth, the business must be in good financial health and at least know how healthy they really are.

You can quickly learn if a company is in good financial health using the business intelligence tool, IndustriusCFO’s Business Risk Module! Watch our video tutorial to learn how:


  • Quickly analyzes a business’s financial performance and overall health.
  • In-depth examination of profitability and liquidity.
  • Ranks the company on a 5-star scale in facets of the business such as your status when you have an outstanding debt – also known as Net Balance Position. 
  • Subjective selections of industry-specific evaluations, on the same 5-star scale.
  • Summarizes performance reviews.
  • Easily obtainable Business Risk score compares your company’s financials across time periods and to other companies. 
  • After the analysis, the company receives a Pass or Fail response based on the overall financial health. 


  • Detects liquidity issues faster than traditional liquidity ratios, which miss important details. We point out areas of weakness with a red flag that you can immediately start improving on.
  • Red flags areas of improvement pertaining to Profitability.
  • Easily determines if a company is well positioned to receive approval for lending. The module also ensures you the company could satisfactorily repay new financial obligations.