Providing financial analysis solutions since 1999.

Our Company

Our roots are in academia, from which we draw our data analysis expertise and relentless pursuit to ensure data quality and integrity as required for meaningful academic research.

Our dataset is unique, offering financial insights not found anywhere else. It covers more than 1,000,000 mostly privately held companies that do not publicly disclose their financial information from over 2,600 different industry groups as classified by either SIC (Standard Industry Classification) or NAICS (North American Industry Classification System).

Our benchmarks present the most important Key Performance Indicators derived from our dataset that are critical for understanding and evaluating the state of and the prospects for any business based on its financial situation.

Our tools and reports can be used just to present industry analysis statistics or to display side-by-side comparisons of an individual company and industry benchmarks of an entire industry or similarly sized firms.

Our recommendations are offered to support decision making and are based on years of experience of our experts that have found insightful patterns and promising solutions which apply to firms of similar financial health across almost all industries.

Our Business Principles/Values guide our activities and are the basis for all relationships we build.


Our History

IndustriusCFO is a leading provider of data services and business intelligence solutions. We help our clients to make better decisions based on the largest and most reliable financial benchmarking database of privately held companies.

We support your decision making processes with timely, relevant, easy to retrieve and readily presentable financial information and benchmarks. We have a passion for supplying dependable business intelligence and expert advice that make our customers more successful.

IndustriusCFO is the next generation of the financial intelligence application previously known as FINTEL.

FINTEL, LLC was originally founded in 2000 in cooperation with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation to bring the research, knowledge and prototype of the benchmarking application, developed by experts at the University of Wisconsin, to the business world.

The application enables business owners and managers to analyze their companies’ financial performance and compare them to their industry peers.

Prior to the founding of FINTEL, experts at the University of Wisconsin, in cooperation with the Foundation, worked to analyze the largest proprietary database of financial information of privately held companies in the United States.

They first developed methods intended to remove errors from large datasets to prepare the data for rigorous statistical research. Next, they used the data to develop various analytics using analytical tools of financial management developed in a proprietory-fashion by academic experts known for decades of consulting to small and medium-sized businesses and for teaching entrepreneurship and financial management.

Today, IndustriusCFO takes the original to the next level. The new IndustriusCFO platform is based off of the same FINTEL features that you use to analyze & benchmark business performance, but IndustriusCFO includes the following improvements, designed specifically for your convenience:

  • Overall improved user-interface & navigation
  • Faster processing of analytics & benchmarking
  • Vast increase in computational performance
  • Color-enhanced report output, including an array of newly included graphs & graphs & charts
  • User-enabled logo importation
  • Report personalization