How to Add Value to a Company

As a business coach, advisor or consultant, your role is much more than being a shoulder to lean on for support. A great consultant acts as a business tool and adds value to their clients, making them successful business owners. Here’s three of our top ways you can add value:

Build Relationships

Wendy Lydon, ThistleSea Business Development Business Coach

Wendy Lydon, ThistleSea Business Development Business Coach

“Get to know your client,” says Wendy Lydon, experienced Business Coach at ThistleSea Business Development in Pittsburgh, Pa. “If your relationship with your client isn’t authentic, coaching them won’t work.”

The take away: Whether you are a small business, medium-large or large sized business coach, be yourself and don’t hide behind your computer constantly using email and your phone to have conversations with your client.

It’s important to have face-to-face interaction with your client because your messages may get lost or misinterpreted through other modes of communication. Talking in person demonstrates the importance of your relationship.

If a business owner can relate to you and respect you, you add value and delight your client.

And, sometimes, life gets in the way and the client may need to vent about their personal life. Are you going to be the one to listen? Invest time into building a relationship that’s not solely based on business. Until the client can get over the pressures of every day life, business consulting can’t happen.

Focus on Business

By looking for issues and opportunities to improve the business’s performance, you have the power to affect your client’s profitability and improve operational practices. Using simplified business analysis tools like IndustriusCFO helps consultants view a blueprint of a business – what the company looks like financially. This business evaluation is the first building block in establishing a relationship with the client and getting on the track of helping him or her succeed.

Add Valuable Insight

Giving constructive feedback is the ultimate catalyst in performance improvement. Because, where else is the entrepreneur getting meaningful feedback like this? You are most likely the only one, and you need to own it. You are the expert.

Jon Laslavic, ThistleSea Business Development Business Coach

John Laslavic, ThistleSea Business Development Business Coach

If you are an experienced business coach, you already have a leg up on giving valuable insight.

“A business coach has to have some acumen in business,” says John Laslavic, experienced Business Coach at ThistleSea Business Development. “Experience is a great teacher.”

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