Grow your business & be more profitable.


For Professional Advisors


Impact clients’ bottom lines and manage their finances with one simple interface. Let IndustriusCFO provide you with financial comparisons to your clients’ peers and specific steps to improve upon weaknesses.

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For Business Owners


IndustriusCFO shows you how to save money and make more money by showing you key financial ratios for your industry and a personalized roadmap for business improvement and growth.

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For Research


Get an inside look at any industry to see how it is performing and whether that industry is a high or low risk investment for your time or money. The IndustriusCFO database covers over 2,500 industries and over 1 million private businesses, so it is simple to find the information you need.

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Industrius provides our network of business consultants with high quality financial consulting tools. Our clients, entrepreneurs and small business owners in Pennsylvania, receive critical business benchmarking data allowing them to make smart decisions and prosper. We appreciate IndustriusCFO’s effort in providing data that is accurate and strategic!

Diane Sandstrom

Associate State Director, PA SBDC

All of the information and recommendations above came out of a one hour time with the client reviewing the results. Your system has taught me a great deal. I appreciate what Dr. Pricer and you have accomplished. Even today Mike Slater and I looked at each other and said the more we use the system the more impressed we are by it. Congratulations on making a profound impact on our world!

Thomas Noteboom

COO, VITAL Financial Services, LLC, PBE, Inc. dba Pro Business Coaches

For the past 5 years Postec has benefited by using Business Analyzer tools for financial benchmarking and analysis. The ability to quickly and easily benchmark profitability, asset efficiency and growth against other companies in our industry allows us to prioritize areas for improvement. The business valuation tools have saved money by evaluating M&A opportunities prior to engaging professional advisors. I would highly recommend its new “IndustriusCFO” platform for any company that wants to benchmark their financial performance or quickly answer business valuation scenarios.

Mike Seymour

COO, Postec, Inc.

The Texas State SBDC has been using the financial analytics of IndustriusCFO (formerly Fintel) and find it to be a superior financial analysis tool for assessing, strategizing, and projecting business performance. … IndustriusCFO leverages all the benefits contained in [its’ predecessor] in a much more user-friendly, intuitively driven manner. That speaks volume! We look forward to the added value IndustriusCFO brings to better serve our small business clients.

Joe On Lam

Sr. SBDC Advisor, Texas State SBDC | Austin, TX

For both startups and established enterprises, IndustriusCFO provides a clear, real-world picture of a specific industry’s financial health nationally. More importantly, you can dive into that picture down to a level that shows how your business stacks up to your competition right down the road. Conversely, businesses not doing so well are able to plug in their critical financial data, compare themselves to similar companies doing less well, equally well or even much better, and have IndustriusCFO give insights on what to change to help the company get where it wants to be.

Gregory Lewis


Comprehensive Analytics with Benchmarking


IndustriusCFO offers a wide range of business analytics, key performance indicators, reports & practical recommendations, including industry peer benchmarking.


What’s Included

Business Performance Scorecard

Review a snapshot of your company’s financial state – liquidity, profitability, asset efficiency, and growth – compared to industry peers.

Business Risk

Review your company’s financial health and its ability to weather typical market fluctuations, accurately determining its viability.


Analyze your Liquidity position using an innovative proprietary measure determining working capital needs while modeling ways to improve cash sufficiency with “what-if” scenarios.


Evaluate your Profitability performance and model “what-if” scenarios designed to help improve performance and placement amongst industry peers.

Industry Metrics

View annual financials, median statistics, charts, ratios and more of your industry competitors or peer groups.


Loan Risk

Assess a business’s financial viability and its ability to repay new debt obligations, allowing for quick and effective loan decisions.

Financial Statement Spreading

Compare multiple years of financials side-by-side, with industry peer benchmarking for each itemized Income Statement and Balance Sheet account, with Financial Ratios.


Business Valuation

Evaluate your company’s market value using commonly used valuation techniques aided by insightful comparison to industry peers.

Growth Potential

Determine a company’s Sustainable Growth Rate and model “what-if” scenarios designed
to improve SGR and placement amongst industry peers.