Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Social Media Increases Product Sales & Brand Awareness

The beautiful thing about using social media for your business is that it’s less expensive than traditional advertising avenues like billboards, radio spots or print magazine ads. And, there’s a way to track impressions and the click-throughs rates to your website, which allows you to understand how those results translate into return on investment. read more…

How to Improve a Business Using Benchmarking Analysis

Why You Should Be Benchmarking

If you are a business owner, an accountant or business coach advising a growing business, measuring the company’s performance can help improve productivity and profit. Measuring performance keeps track of the business’s progress and gives you information to implement a target-setting system allowing you to strategize a plan for growth.

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3 Ways to Add Value as a Business Coach

How to Add Value to a Company

As a business coach, advisor or consultant, your role is much more than being a shoulder to lean on for support. A great consultant acts as a business tool and adds value to their clients, making them successful business owners. Here’s three of our top ways you can add value: read more…