How Industry Associations Can Add Value

Fintel is now Industrius Industry Associations provide many services that add value to their members. For many of these associations, one way they do this is by offering comprehensive industry data and benchmarking tools to their members.

IndustriusCFO’s tools, like our Industry Metrics reports and Business Analyzer Modules are ideal for fulfilling these goals, evaluating the financial performance of a business and recommending options for improvement.

Products & Features

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Industry Metrics

  • Industry financial intelligence covering over 2,600 industry groups and 900,000 privately held businesses.
  • Industry Metrics One Year Report: View financial trends for your industry and understand how important accounts and ratios get impacted across different company sizes.
  • Industry Metrics Four Year Report: View financial trends for your industry and understand how important accounts and ratios get impacted across each of the last four years, along with a cash flow analysis.
  • Perform a Regional Analysis for any report type, by selecting State, County, Metropolitan Statistical Area, or customizable cluster.
  • Ensure relevant companies are used in your analysis by setting parameters in Net Sales, Total Assets, Age of Firm, and Number of Employees.
  • View itemized Income Statement and Balance Sheet accounts in % or U.S. Dollar, in table and chart views, including Financial Ratios across Liquidity, Asset Efficiency and Profitability.


Business Analyzer Modules

  • This is comprised of 8 user-friendly modules that provide insights about the financial performance of a business.
  • For instance, one of the modules, the Business Performance Scorecard, provides a quick business evaluation that becomes the first building block when a CPA needs to analyze a business’s performance.



  • Collect industry specific measurements from your members or have them collected by IndustriusCFO to protect member’s data and keep it confidential.
  • Members can compare themselves to other members, to other firms in the industry (non-members) or to other industries that are represented in the IndustriusCFO database on financial key performance indicators.
  • Members can compare their business against reliable benchmarks from privately held companies of over 2,600 industry groups that are not available anywhere else.
  • Provide members with financial benchmarks they can use with bankers to demonstrate their business’s credit worthiness.
  • Provide members with a tool that helps them define strategies for their company backed by financial and industry analysis from their own specific industry.
  • Give members a tool that provides actionable recommendations that have been derived from years of experience and have been proven successful in many similar cases based on the financial analysis of their business

Our monthly packages include training for managers and members of industry associations with steep learning curves to help them use IndustriusCFO quickly and efficiently in their businesses.

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