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Fintel is now IndustriusBusiness Coaches and Consultants advising small and medium sized businesses need to be able to quickly assess their clients’ business and effectively assist them with sound strategies and solutions. They also need to present their clients with reliable comparisons and benchmarks to support their analysis and to justify their recommendations. With our Industry Metrics reports or our interactive IndustriusCFO Business Analyzer modules, Coaches and Consultants will be able to achieve their goals.

If you would like to have your logo on the IndustriusCFO outputs provided to your clients, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss all licensing and private labeling options with you.



  • Acquire new clients by being able to provide unique benchmarks and valuable tools that other coaches and consultants will not offer
  • Feel confident and set yourself apart from others when talking about financials with your client. Being data and number driven will give Consultants using IndustriusCFO an advantage even if they have no particular experience in financial analysis and financial benchmarking.
  • Present reliable benchmarks from privately held companies operating in over 2,500 industry groups that are not available anywhere else and that will demonstrate the current performance of their client’s business
  • Help clients understand their company’s financial performance and generate “eye-openers”
  • Convince clients by presenting them with performance benchmarks that are difficult to dispute
  • Convince bankers and insurance agents with arguments using a language that they can understand – numbers
  • Use a very effective system to help evaluate a client’s business
  • Validate analysis results and support arguments with financial intelligence from the client’s specific industry
  • Present results in a very professional manner without additional effort
  • Propose recommendations based on the analytical expertise derived from years of experience and proven successful in many similar cases


Products & Features

IndustriusCFO’s products are ideal for evaluating the financial performance of a business and recommending options for improvement.

Select a particular product to view more detailed information.

  • IndustriusCFO Industry Metrics reports
    • Industry financial intelligence covering over 2.500 industry groups and 900,000 privately held businesses
    • Industry size breakdown into small, medium-sized and large segments specific to each industry, rather than using fixed size thresholds
    • 17 commonly used key financial ratios for each industry
    • MORE…
  • IndustriusCFO Business Scorecard
    • Concise and easy to understand snapshot of financial health of a business
    • Industry financial benchmarks comparable to the business under analysis (9 ratios)
    • Practical suggestions for improving financial performance
    • MORE…
  • IndustriusCFO Business Analyzer modules
    • Easy to understand insights about the financial performance of a business. Analysis of:
      • Revenues, gross margin and operating expenses
      • Earnings power and profitability
      • Cash liquidity position and working capital
      • Ability to grow
      • Fair market value
      • Ability to meet loan payment obligations
    • Comprehensive industry financial benchmarks comparable to the business under analysis
    • Practical suggestions for improving financial performance
    • MORE…

IndustriusCFO also provides different training options for Coaches and Consultants with steep learning curves to enable them to use our tools quickly and efficiently in their business.


Case Study

Steve Blaney, President

Performance Associates International, LLC

Financial Peer Assessment Benchmark – Competitive Advantage Realized

Performance Associates International, LLC utilizes [IndustriusCFO’s] Business Analyzer to benchmark our firm’s current and potential clients’ performance. The firm has used the services over the past few years and has been very satisfied with the results and support from [IndustriusCFO].

In one particular client engagement, the tool has been instrumental in moving the firm forward. The owner of a 20 employee law firm with annual revenue of about $2 million was frustrated over his firm’s financial performance. This included top line growth, profitability, and productivity.

The [IndustriusCFO] benchmarking analysis put the situation into perspective. Five hundred nine peers averaged a net profit of 6.77%, while our client generated only 5.04% and the top tenth percentile produced 10%. The firm is leaving $34,000 to $150,000 on the table on an annual basis.

Just as importantly, the owner entertained the notion that he could take his book of business to another law firm and make the same amount of money without the headaches and stress. However, [IndustriusCFO’s] valuation of the business and its current performance level predicted the firm was worth $279,000. The owner reflected and stated he would never sell the business for that amount of money; the business was worth much more to him. This renewed his focus and commitment to improving the practice.

Profit centers were implemented, management was decentralized and a pay for performance system is being implemented. Minimal pay increases occurred and the ground rules were set on how to generate and earn more. Productivity and profitability is now measured on a monthly basis for the firm, the profit centers and all employees. Changes towards more entrepreneurial behavior are being noticed.

The [IndustriusCFO] analysis also pointed out that his collections process were out of alignment with the legal industry. Their Accounts Receivables were $130,000 more than that of their average peer.

The [IndustriusCFO] analysis provided very valuable insights into the legal industry and helped transition the owner and his employees into moving towards improving the firm’s financial performance with the support of Performance Associates International and the [IndustriusCFO] tools.


“Would like to say I believe your product is outstanding.”

Larry Heller (Business Coach)

“These are the most effective tools in the market to help my clients evaluate their business.”

Tom Noteboom (Business Coach)

“Using [IndustriusCFO] gives me a unique position as a consultant and coach.”

Bill Foley (Consultant, CPA)

“The [IndustriusCFO] analyses and reports have been instrumental in getting our last three clients to come on board and have brought a level of credibility to our own JumpStart Business Development Business Plan that has astonished us and the people of influence that we have shared it with.”

Paul L. Cole (President, JumpStart Business Development)

“I was working with a new client who is preparing to launch an auto repair business. It was only our second visit together and I have been helping him draft a business plan and putting together a pro forma budget model for him. I decided to plug the pro forma budget model into [IndustriusCFO] to see how our assumptions compared to existing auto repair businesses of the same size, and we were both pleased to see that our assumptions were right on as compared to existing businesses of the same size. This made my client feel much more confident that he could indeed move forward with the launch as scheduled and I believe that the [IndustriusCFO] tool was the “proof in the pudding” that he needed to start feeling like his dream was going to become a reality. Thanks, [IndustriusCFO]!”

Randy Nowell (President, Success Coaching & Business Development)

“I continue to be amazed at the capability of these tools.”

Paul Cole (Business Coach)

“As a Texas based Small Business Development Center (SBDC) agent I have tried multiple financial tools to help me help my clients in good times and bad. I have used financial benchmarks from RMA, Financial Studies in Small Business, and BizMiner but have come back to the [IndustriusCFO] system for valuation, benchmarking, and for assisting clients to understand the changes needed in their business. The information is easy to read and readily available on the Internet when I need it. With its more complete and accurate database and the prediction tools it makes my work all that more effective!”

SBDC Agent, TX

“I sell my clients on the conviction that I can discover and unlock unused potential in their business. [IndustriusCFO] points me to the “gold mines” and even lets me put a $ number behind it.”

Bill Stewart (Consultant, CPA)

“[IndustriusCFO] is a leading provider of quality benchmarking data, which, based on our research, is unrivaled in the breadth and integrity. Combined with innovative and powerful analyses covering the full range of financial performance measures including profitability, liquidity and growth, [IndustriusCFO] makes an ideal partner for PBCA. Our members are proud to offer this amazing benefit to their coaching clients.”

John Deagan (President, Professional Business Coaches Alliance)

“I use the scorecard to get my foot in the door with new clients. I can show them where they are at in 10 minutes. And it always gets us talking about the first things needed for improvement.”

Daniel Lemon (Management Consultant)